Building Facts & History


  • Located at 278 Fourth Street, Oakland, California 94607
  • Constructed in 1928
  • 8,620 square feet on two floors with 7,415 square feet (86%) designated as Assembly event venue space
  • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Alameda County as Makins Produce Company Warehouse
  • Owned by the Radiance Oak LLC, purchased in 2015

Legal Status:

  • Obtained Live/Work status in 2010
  • 299 Certified Occupancy load under Fire and Life Safety
  • Obtained conditional mixed use for Residential/Group Assembly 2015
  • Certified Occupancy load dramatically reduced to 49 until Group Assembly Conditions are met
  • Residential/Group Assembly Building Permit granted in 2016

Current Safety Structures:

  • Industrial fire suppression system in all areas of building
  • Smoke and CO detection, fire alarm with connection to Oakland Fire
  • 11 fire extinguishers located throughout building for easy access
  • Two separate and protected evacuation routes
  • Marked and illuminated exit signs
  • Emergency ladders from all second floor windows
  • One double door exit to Fourth Street,

Construction Upgrades Required:

  • Full seismic retrofit
  • Full set of ADA-compliant restrooms including partitioned stalls bringing total to 8 toilets and 2 urinals
  • Emergency 1-hour fire escape corridor from rear of building to new front exit
  • Repositioning of staircases to accommodate fire escape corridor
  • Installation of new staircase to roof
  • Installation of various walls and 1-hour fire doors separating private and public spaces
  • Repositioning of gas lines and meter
  • Estimated cost: $600,000.
  • Estimated date of completion: Fall 2018