We’ve joined forces with Safer DIY Spaces! Huge thanks to our lenders and many supporters for getting us in sight of the end of our transformation!

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Join us as we complete preparations for the new Radiance Oak Community Center!

We need your help! We are seeking lenders to support completion of our reconstruction, and also seeking donations to help us. See Lender Prospectus for a summary of our loan terms.

Completed! The Radiance IndieGogo Campaign is completed at:


See Donations for more about our donation campaign.

If you wish to make a direct donation, then PayPal to community@radianceoak.org.

Please note that donations to Radiance Oak for improvements to our building are not tax deductible. Donations for future Radiance Oak projects and events will be tax deductible.

You can learn much more about us at About. Current information at News.

Radiance Oak is a 501c(3) non-profit service organization located in the Jack London District of Oakland, California. Radiance Oak is housed in the historically classified Makins Produce Warehouse.Radiance is under construction to be even better for you! See News.